Last month I got a puppy. Actually she’s a rescue puppy and is already 9 months old so she’s a big puppy. It had been such a long time since Id had a puppy that I’d forgotten how demanding these new life events can be. The only other thing in my life that requires as much attention as the pup is my business… so if you are thinking of getting a puppy or thinking of starting an online store, read on and prepare yourself for some big changes!

Puppy Love

You lovingly obsess over the tiniest details and spend countless hours working on the store until the wee hours of the night. It doesn’t even bother you and why would it? It just makes you SO happy! Nothing can burst your puppy love bubble and despite the fact that none of your friends are interested all you can do it show anyone who is remotely interested your curated Instagram feed and proudly show off your responsive website design on your phone.

Unscheduled Maintenance

Last week the pup ate a Macbook AND an iPhone charger.
It’s what I like to refer to as “unscheduled maintenance” you know it’s going to happen, you hope that it doesn’t but you accept it when it does.
The same goes for owning an online business. Plugins and Apps break at the most opportune times (usually just moments before some kind of huge PR moment for your brand) You cuss, you scramble and then you accept.

Growing Pains

The business seems to be eating you out of house and home. Consuming more of your time, energy and money and has moved on from that adorable cute puppy phase and is now less adorable and more demanding BUT these just something so awesome about calling it your own you put up with the late nights and sacrifices. I mean, what else are you going to do with your time. Amiright!?

The Take Over

By now the business is getting so big that you aren’t sure if you can go away on holiday… I mean who would you even trust with your precious baby? It’s crept onto the couch during binge-watching sessions and before you know it, it’s snuck up onto the bed and you are doing social media updates wondering how things got to this point.

Owning a puppy/online store is a responsibility an awesome crazy unpredictable fun ride that you can’t prepare yourself for. Being open to change and prepared for disruptions is essential to your sanity (and those around you) remember this is supposed to be fun, so take time for yourself and relax and enjoy it, even when your spare Macbook charger becomes the next casualty.