So they great news is you got a customer to buy a product from your online store, now what? Well, ideally you want to keep them in the loop and engaged so here are a few options for you to add to your THANK YOU PAGE that will get your customers coming back again… and again!


Thank you, now share this awesome offer (promotes referrals)


Thank you, now find us on social media (give them a reason to follow you on social media, make sure you tell them what they can expect)


Thank you, now see what others are saying about us (gets them super pumped for their order to arrive)


Thank you, would you like to see some more awesome stuff on our site? (offer some content like blog posts that you know are popular with other customers)


Thank you, here is a discount voucher for your next order (promotes repeat orders)


Thank you, tell us what you want to see more/less of (asking for feedback is a great way to get some customer insights) Adding this after the checkout step is perfect because the users experience is fresh in their minds. You can always offer an incentive to complete the feedback like a voucher or value add for their next order.