Instagram is an awesome way to build trust with new customers and also build a good solid reputation in your industry. Some brands have seen phenomenal success with Instagram and are killing it. On the flipside there are some brands who are literally ticking all of the boxes of what not to do when it comes to Social Media.

Over the past 16 months I have strategically grown Bombshell bay Swimwear following by around 1000K new followers per month. Depending on where you are at with your instagram game that may or may not seem like a big deal.


The big deal is however that those followers have now become loyal customers and I didn’t even really have to ask them directly to buy anything. Not one spammy/ salesy or desperate “BUY NOW” post in the last 16 months.


Find out how I create consistent content for my customers and how you can implement an instagram strategy of your own. No spammy sales stuff, just you being your awesome self. Oh and you can get the low down on what NOT to do also.