Are you finding it hard to find new customers and grow your traffic and revenue for your online store? Yeah, me too but sitting back and doing squat about it will get you nowhere. I’ve been brainstorming ideas on how to grow my customer base and I’ve come up with some awesome ideas (stay tuned) but one simple and easy to do implement quickly idea that I scratched down on my list was too good not to share with you. Its good old fashioned referral marketing.


THE PROBLEM: I need more traffic/ customers for my online store.

THE SOLUTION: Use your existing customers/ traffic to do all of the heavy lifting for you. Create an offer that benefits both your existing customer and their friends/family. It’s win/win/win! Here’s an example…


In your next monthly newsletter include an offer for your existing loyal customers (say $10 off on their next order IF they share a $20 off to a friend for their FIRST order.


So basically your customer looks like a great friend for sharing an offer which will save their buddy some cash and your get 2 sales that you may not have had as a result of incentivising both customers.


Referrals are nothing new but creating an offer that is appealing/ enticing and RELEVANT to your customer is critical to the success of the campaign. You could even get super techhy and use your automated marketing (active campaign/ mail chimp) to do this for you on a regular basis.


Have you seen any awesome referral campigns online? Id love to see some, send them through via the comments or facebook.