Last week I came across a Pop Up Shop that was selling a product that could best be described as “super niched” I was intrigued by the concept and had a little poke around the store and whilsts the idea was interesting and quirky the fact that you could literally hear crickets in the store was somewhat alarming. I couldn’t help but notice, despite being a timed pop up shop (just a few days) that the swing tags and carry bags were all branded and I literally wanted to shake some entrepreneurial sense into the girl. You see, this is not the first time I have seen small fashion startups spend money on things that won’t get people through the door. Branded anything is expensive. Trust me, I’ve been tempted to buy the most random things just because of the vanity of seeing your brand’s logo on something.


Ok, so incase you didn’t get it the first time…Branded paper bags are the biggest waste of all time (unless you are an established retailer.


Same goes for swing tags.


The reason being, branded goods come in “Minimum Quantities” usually in the thousands (and unless that 3 day Pop Up Shop was planning on servicing tens of thousands of customers, then those bags are probably landfill right now.


Thankfully there are a few creative ways around creating branding for your online store that won’t break the budget and from experience the results can be amazing!


Let’s take a swing at swing tags.


Creating swing tags for your online store that look totally legit could not be easier. I’ve done it on more than one occasion and you would not know the difference. I’ve even done it several times at trade shows where I change the currency and the SKU of the product.


Head to and start browsing the “Business Cards” section.


You will notice there are three size options starting from just $16.95 for 100 mini cards (ka-ching!)


Click through to choose from one of their designs which you can modify or “design your own” if you are feeling creative.


Design options are only limited to your imagination. I have quickly created these designs using my logo, some images from my instagram feed (how cool!) and also a pic from my last summers campaign at Bombshell bay Swimwear.


I know what you are thinking, yeah, nice business cards. Well, I took it one step further and customised it to be more like a “swing tag” You can either leave it black and use a marker or sticker to add the details or you can print the cards as a finished item. Finish off with a hole punch, ribbon and some pins.


Pretty cool huh?