Ok, so I’m not saying you should promote 5 different offers in your next newsletter or social media update, but I’m giving you 5 ideas on which to base your promo. Got it? Good.


Ok so depending on the type of business you have and what it is that you sell (remember not everyone sells “physical products” online (in fact we have a broad range of online stores that have already taken the start your own online store course including boutique hotels and even a landscape gardener) so with that in mind, here are 10 different types of sales you can use to increase revenue online.
1. Coupon


Seriously who doesn’t love a good coupon or promo code offer? Offering a coupon with a very specific time frame adds a sense of urgency to online sales and the best part? It can be done in just a few clicks in Woocommerce. Easy peasy. Make sure you test the coupon out to ensure it working before you release it to your customers.


2. Free Shipping


Free shipping can actually be a big expense for some online retailers (especially if you are sending products all over the world) so offering free shipping can be a big deal for some retailers. Your loyal customers will appreciate the free shipping and new visitors can be converted with this sweetener. You can offer free shipping with a minimum spend or as a stand alone promotion for say the holidays or another special occasion.


3. Voucher for a review


This is a great way of generating repeat and loyal customers. By reaching out to them via the product they have just purchased and asking them to review it, in return you will offer them a decent discount for their next product. This is one of my favorite ways to build happy customers who will gladly share your brand info with others.


4. Added Value


This works well for the service providers. For example for an accommodation provider a “book 3 nights get the 4th free” or book 7 nights and get a massage/gift on arrival (or whatever adds value to your offering) is a great incentive for people to book online. What we do know when it comes to selling services online, most customers will look around for a deal and will use comparison sites to shop around so if you can offer something different that adds value you are putting your best foot forward.


5. Flash Sale


1 product heavily discounted for a very short period of time is a great way to generate lots traction. This is a strategy for attracting lots of new customers and getting them onto your mailing list so you can continue to market to them. Flash sales are a great way to clear old stock just make sure your inventory is up to date, you don’t want to be overselling products! Awkward!


So there you have it a handful of sales to try for your next marketing promotion. As I will always say constant sales and discounting is not a long term sustainable strategy (unless you are walmart or Costco) so add value to products where possible to maintain your margins!