So, you are thinking of starting an online store and before you know it you have an idea, a product range to sell and you are getting super excited about creating your own online business, your own online store, you can almost smell the freedom of working for yourself, creating a business, a lifestyle and then it sneaks in. Doubt. There it is, right there pushing its way from the back of your mind, right up to the front. Pushing past your ideas and your dreams to just plonk itself down and take over all of those warm fuzzy positive vibes you had about creating your dream business.


Well, guess what, you are not alone, it happens more often than you think so you just need to ask yourself am I going to become another “gonna” or a “coulda” or am I going to become the next big ecommerce success story (I’d like to think the latter)


I’m going to talk more about doubt over the next few months but today I want to bust some myths you may have around starting your own online store.


Here’s 3 that come up all the time.




This is a good one. I love busting this one because you know what. Until you have done market research you have no idea if there is a market for your product.. Looking for an audience for your product goes beyond talking to your friends and family (although they can be a good place to start) The whole point of selling online is that you can sell to complete strangers ALL OVER THE WORLD. Yes, that’s right if you are only thinking of selling to customers in your local area then you are thinking too small. Seriously, there’s like six billion people on this earth, some of them have to be interested in what you are selling. Its up to you to find them (not the other way around)




Oh yeah, giving up on a dream because it seems like hard work is a good idea don’t you think?

Guess what there is an abundance of information out there all you need to do is start googling “how to start an online store: Hopefully you have done that and you have ended up on this site! My point being that just because something seems like hard work is not a reason to do it.

One of my favourite quotes of all time is “it’s not knowing the answer, it’s knowing where to find it”


Surround yourself with people who know this stuff and start learning from them. It’s the quickest way to pick it up. Trust me.




Hmm, procrastination. Hello old friend. The natural enemy of progress and the perfect partner for doubt. Here’s the thing, there will never be a good time to start a business (according to the media) but actually the best time to start something is now… because a year from now you will have wished you started today. Trust me, i’ve put off projects because I believed I wasn’t “ready” and have regretted it. Now is the time. Stop making bullshit excuses and start doing!

I have a friend who is a proud procrastinator and I saw this meme a few years ago and it made me think of her. Its funny because it’s true.

So before you spend any more time making excuses as to why you shouldn’t start your own online store, ask yourself what you are missing out on by NOT getting started.