So if you are a designer and creator like me, most of the money you spend in your business is on things like sampling and production.

This can tie up tens of thousands of dollars each season without really knowing if you will see a Return On Investment (ROI)I’ve always considered drop shipping to be “sleazy ecommerce” mostly consisting of crap made in China sold for the lowest possible price with quality to match.

Then I found a super cool, totally legit and awesome dropshipping company that will make products that i actually want to sell (and that my customers actually want to buy) It’s almost too good to be true, creating a product that looks good and selling it online with NO OUTLAY or RISK.

So what is this magical solution you ask? Well, say hello to Printful, your non sleazy dropshipping product provider.

Printful prints your designs on a range of products including T shirts and sweater but also things like Mugs and Throw Pillows and their product range is expanding. The quality is as good as what my other manufacturers are making so it’s consistent with my other products and they provide a seamless service which integrates with your Woocommerce store so when customers are ordering, they have no idea that the product is being drop shipped. You look awesome and the product looks awesome. WIN/WIN

Check out the product range on Printful and see if you can integrate this savvy time and money saving service into your online store (you would be mad now to)

I’ve been working on a range of products I cannot wait to share with my customers in the coming months, including this awesome “OUT OF OFFICE” T shirt which Ill hopefully be wearling LOTS this summer

Visit Printful here