Yay, you are back!  

Ok fellow online store owner, lets recap…. by now, you should have your offer and your calendar sorted out. This week we are going to pull everything we have done together and it’s going to look something like this: Offer + Calendar = Implementation (AKA the fun part) 

But first, let’s start with your online store. Do you need to do any of the following? 

Site Audit

  • Inventory/ Stocktake (are you up to date?)
  • Sale Section (Do you need to remove or update items)
  • Landing Pages- Build and Publish
  • Bundles- Do you need to create and publish?
  • Promo Codes- Do you need to create special BFCM codes?
  • Based on your offer and your BFCM plan, you may need to create some artwork/creative.

    Don’t feel overwhelmed by this, there are so many easy to use tools that are free you can quickly create eye-catching ads, product images, and email marketing images. 

    Here’s a list of assets you might be using. Make a note of what you need and check out the exact sizes of each asset in the table below.

Black Friday Marketing Assets

  • Home Page Image
  • Email Copy
  • Email Images
  • Abandoned Cart Email (special edition)
  • Blog Post (if applicable)
  • Product Description Update
  • Social Proof (reviews) 
  • Shipping Information (expect delays)
  • Drop A Hint Cards
  • Offer Countdown
  • Teaser
  • Gift Guide
  • Inserts
Asset Size Content Notes
IG Post 1080 x 1080 Product image/
styled image
Avoid copy on the
IGS 1080 x1920 Product Image/
styled image
Avoid copy on the
FB Cover 820 x 312  Offer Use BFCM here
FB Ad 1080 x 1080 Offer Avoid copy on image
FB Post 950 x 788 or 1080×1080 Offer Avoid copy on image
Email As Per Klaviyo Offer
Teaser See notes Offer Depends on platform
Hint Dropper 105 x 148 You can have
some fun here
Pinterest 735 x 1102
Website Size Content Notes
Home Page As Per Your Theme BIG CTA
Landing Page As Per Theme Highlight offer, easy to buy products Match to your marketing campaign creative
Blog Post As Per Your Theme Value-driven content to support your offers Click back to products
Product Image As Per Your Theme Side Sash or banner with offer (ie 40% off for Black
Insert 4″ x 6” Postcard Thank You. % off next order. Get them back in the
New Year
Tissue Paper Custom Branded Make them remember you!

Creating Your Black Friday Cyber Monday Marketing Assets

Create a folder in Canva to keep all of your BFCM content in one place. When creating your artwork ask yourself: 

  • What’s your main message?
  • What makes you stand out?
  • Is your message clear?

    Creating the actual content
  • Use your brand fonts
  • Use simple layout
  • Avoid script text
  • Keep test on post to a minimum
  • What’s your CTA?
  • Write captions for each post (in multiples if possible) when creating the content
  • Focus on the offer

    Tip: Create consistent “sticky” content >>> you need to be remembered so use the same images in ads and then on your landing pages and website

    Have a few options (esp if you have multiple products/offers

Scheduling Your Black Friday Marketing

Use later or a scheduling tool to get the images and captions pre loaded

View the content as a “week” so you can see if there are any gapsPost at times YOU KNOW your audience is primed to buy

Send Emails to unopened and abandoned cart

Tip: Don’t forget, the sales opportunities don’t stop after Cyber Monday, remember to send emails AFTER BFCM in the lead up to Christmas and the New Year. 

Black Friday Cyber Monday Countdown Checklist For Online Store Owners

Date Pre Launch Activity
September 10 Review last years sales and order inventory accordingly
October 10 Finalize your offers
October 10 Book Influencers
October 10 Media Release with offer and Gift Guide details in Dropbox (HARO and Source Bottle)
October 25 Finalise All Copy (website, email, ad and anything else FB IG and social media post)
October 30 Finalise All Images (use Canva to create a “hub” of BFCM content)
October 30 Finalise FB and IG Ads in Ghost Hub. Set Up Google Shopping. 
1 November  Create Products and Promo Codes in Shopify. Test. 
5 November  Build Landing Page, add images and copy. Add images to HP and “hide” 
10 November  Teaser Campaign (email, ads, copy, posts) 
12 November > Stand By! 

So, Online Store Owner, that’s it. That’s how you build a BFCM Strategy without over complicating things or feeling overwhelmed. Small steps and do-able tasks that can mean the difference between having a cracking end to the year or a fizzle out.