Last week we started working on a Black Friday Cyber Monday Marketing Strategy for your online store and today we are back today with Part 2, where we are all about PLANNING! You should already have your offer (or offers) based on your niche, product and customer.

Now we start looking at who gets what offer when and by which communication method. We want to leverage our own audiences as much as a possible during BFCM as the Ad costs go through the roof (as you can imagine) so the aim of the game is to speak to those who already know like and trust us.

If you are a complete newbie, don’t give up, there are still lots of marketing opportunities for you too.

  • -Email
  • -FB Ads
  • -FB Post
  • -IG Feed
  • -IGS Post/Ad (this is a GREAT way to use the swipe up)
  • -Google Shopping
  • -Hashtags

You may only use one or two, or perhaps you are an online retail ninja and you are going for a full omnichannel approach (go you!) First thing is first, you need to plan out your marketing calendar. I’ve included one in the BFCM Tabby Spreadsheet as an example, yours might look a bit different and that’s OK (go with what works for you)

Once you have a clear picture of what your BFCM Plan looks like you can start preparing yourself (and your online store) for the next step- creating the marketing assets for your Black Friday Cyber Monday Marketing.

Take some time today to dedicate to planning out your campaign, giving some thought to your customers and the types of messages they prefer (do they respond well to email?  How about FB? Do they LOOOOOVE IG? Make sure your marketing aligns with them.

Check-in next week for Part 3 of our BFCM Planning when we break down exactly what you need in terms of content to make your Black Friday Cyber Monday your most successful campaign of the year!