Reaching out to customers is an important part of doing good business.
In an offline retail situation we are able to greet our customers, provide them with excellent customer service and gauge their reactions based on the service they have received. If they are unhappy, we fix the problem, if they are happy, it gives us a warm fuzzy feeling that makes it all worthwhile.


Reaching out to customers online shouldn’t be any different we do it because we need to judge their satisfaction in order to improve our products and services or to know what we are doing is awesome and to pat ourselves on the back.


Here are a couple of ways you can send follow up emails to customers using basic automations.


Your Order has been shipped


Sending this email out with woocommerce is a breeze, you can even make it look pretty with a plugin fromCodecanyon  called “Woocommerce Pretty Emails” This notifies the customer that the order has been dispatched and is on its way (keeping them in the loop is customer service 101) You can even go as far as adding a tracking number for the service you have shipped with so they can stalk their purchase.


First Purchase Follow Up


Make first time customers feel loved by creating a sequence which thanks them for their first order (and possibly rewards them) let them know how much you really appreciate their business, try and make the email as personal as possible, forget generic messages, make it genuine and heartfelt.


Review Product Incentive

I’ve blogged about this already over here and talked about how  important it is to add “social proof” to your online store as it helps other potential customers with their purchasing decisions. Its also beneficial to ask customers how they feel about the product. How they are using it as it gives us invaluable feedback that helps us improve products and customer service.


Try and get meaningful feedback and not just generic stuff like “ it’s great” (you can do this by asking more specific questions)


Follow Up with Additional Products


This one is more of a sales based email so you need to make sure you offer it at the right time. Reaching out to customers with suggested products does not need to be “salesy” but you need to do it right. Consider offering content on how they can use their products and how they can use the new suggested products to enhance the experience (whatever that may be)


As you can see there are almost infinite possibilities to reach out to customers after an online sale has taken place. Don’t leave your customers out in the cold, schedule in some automations and reach out to your customers today!