Uploading images to your online store might seem like a pretty harmless task but if done incorrectly it can have major repercussions for your brand. If you have an online store and rely on the images to sell your products you might want to read on and see what you need to do to get those images up to scratch.


Having crisp, clear hi res images is just the beginning when it comes to selling your products online. Making sure the “back end” of the image is working just as hard as the “front end” is super important.


Making sure the images on your online store are SEO Optimised is a critical part of creating new products online.  I wrote a post on how I launch a new season on my online store (LINK TO LAST POST)  and in that post I talked about creating image folders in dropbox that are well organised. I didn’t mention that when I name those images I name them SPECIFICALLY for search engines to find them.


Great, I can hear some of you thinking, so what’s the big deal?
Well, the big deal is that when customers are searching for products and services, they will often use Google Images as a visual search. By having proper images names such as One Piece Swimsuit.jpg instead of the generic code that was allocated to the image by the photographer (for example 2354.jpg) means that this product will appear in a google image search.


Appearing first in google images based on what a customer is searching for (especially if it’s a niche product) will almost always mean a click through, not to mention the possibility that it could be shared on social media (I’m looking at you Pinterest)
If you aren’t sure if your product images are optimised for SEO add a product image audit to your to-do list and start working on improving your SEO for your online store.