A few years ago when twitter became all the range, let’s say around 2011 there was this really annoying trend of people direct messaging other people directly after they had followed them with some kind of shitty offer to sign up for a newsletter or to follow on a different social platform, or whatever.


It seems as though this trend has re emerged with the explosion of instagram and I swear if I find the person who started this hideous trend I’m going to slap them, really effing hard.


Seriously people why the hell is this happening again!? I don’t care how clever or amazing your auto direct message is, the fact that it’s an auto direct message is a HUGE DISGUSTING EMBARRASSING GROSS FAUX PAS. It screams of lazy marketing and “get rich quick” schemes.


I don’t know how we have managed to come back around to this after setting people right with Twitter but it seems as though it is back and it’s back with a vengeance.

If you are using Instagram to send an auto direct message you are wasting your time and money on whatever shitty program you are using. This is NOT THE WAY to do business and I want you TO STOP IT RIGHT NOW.


Seriously. You can do better than that.

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