Has that time of the month rolled around again when you dread writing the email to your data base? StucK for ideas on what to say? Need to mix things up a bit and expand on your usual repotoire? That happens. You can avoid that by creating a content strategy (but im assuming if you are reading this now then you may have left things to the last minute and probably dont have time to work on a whole content strategy right now) so have a look at the list below for some proven email marketing topics that will drives sales to your online store and take your email marketing from Meh to Magnificient!

New Arrivals

Got something new in stock? Shout it from the rooftops! Make sure you let your customers know where they can find it on your site and direct them straight there.

Re order/Product Suggestions

If you like this you might like that..

Or “that thing you bought? Here’s something awesome to go with it… you get the idea.


Items left in cart/ follow up

Also known as shopping cart abandonments (sounds like a serious social issue… and I guess it is for online retailers!)

Create some content on the most left behind items so you can rotate it in your newsletter and you can spark the customers attention. Remember to direct them back to the shop/cart.



A bit of a no brainer here.. Don’t forget to test the coupon to make sure there are no issues with it.


Recent Press/ Media

Look mum, I’m famous! Tell your customers all about your recent media exposure. Just make sure you make it relevant to them.


Awards you may have won

Look mum I won an award?

Same goes here, make sure you shout all about it.


Changes in your business

Moved offices? Hired a superstar? Tell your customers and explain to them how it will benefit them!


Content that excites your readers (recipes/DIY etc)

Knowing your customer inside out will enable you to create awesome content for them. Create rich, relevant content that they actually want!


Employee Profile

Everyone loves a good profile. Share your staff with your customers. Dont have staff? Well, talk about yourself and your expertise (and why you/your store is awesome)


Seasonal (Xmas, Mother’s Day, Valentines Day etc)

A no brainer. Make sure you have enough product, a fully functioning shopping cart with no bugs!


So there you have it, some super easy email marketing ideas for online stores. I bet you have already sent a few emails out with those topics covered so keep track of what you have sent and if it worked and start building your own email marketing content strategy from there!