emily doig


Emily Doig initially studied Arts/Design/Fashion before spending her early career working for brands like Lonely Planet and STA Travel to satiate a travel fetish.

A veritable human Google earth, she could tell you where to buy cheese in Paris, how to buy a push bike in Cambodia or how to get across Manhattan..FAST! As her talents and tastes matured, she left behind the constant travel and Qantas Club amenities for the comforts of her own Studio.

Social Media, Digital Marketing and Starting your Own Small Online Business are all high on the agenda these days as Emily spends her time working with brands savvy enough to understand that the game has changed.

Emily is also a Fair Trade Fashion advocate and devotes her time to sharing her experience in starting her own fashion swimwear label, Bombshell Bay. More recently Emily started to blog about her experience as a start up fashion entrepreneur, giving practical advise to those wanting to start their own online retail stores.

When not dreaming of far away tropical isles, Emily lectures at RMIT University on the topics of Business, Fashion Marketing, Digital Marketing and Managing Brands Online.

Fluent in boardroom speak but more comfortable with a no nonsense approach, Emily’s spirited and honest delivery appeals to all levels of understanding and will leave you wondering… is your business playing by the new rules?

-à tout bout de champ

(all the time, at every opportunity)